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We specialize in commercial and residential demolition, complete building removals,
house and apartment demolitions, as well as car dealerships and more.

Commercial Demolition & Residential Demolition in Dallas, Texas

Keating Demolition is the only name you need to know for commercial demolition, residential demolition, and fire demolition. We are based in Dallas, Texas.

Commercial Demolition, Commercial Demolition in Dallas, TX

Commercial Demolition

Any size building demolition , plant demolition,  chiller demolition and removal , Bridge demolition , school demolition and much more. 

Residential Demolition

Make life easier by calling on us for all of your residential demolition needs. We perform swimming pool removal and garage demolition, as well as apartment complex demolition due to fire or new development.

Fire Demolition

Streamline the rebuilding process after a fire by taking advantage of our fire demolition services. We utilize state of the art equipment to perform excavation and removal, which, if necessary, includes slab removal to dirt lot.

Contact us to request an estimate and discover why our demolition company has so many satisfied clients.